Garden Pest Lecture at Crossroads

Crossroads at Big Creek will feature a series of events including pike watching and a lecture on garden pests. On March 27 at 1 pm and March 28 at 10 am, a hike to Big Creek might result in seeing Northern Pike in the water. The hike is free and for all ages. On March 31 at 7 pm, a Master Gardener Lecture by Associate Professor Mike Draney from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay will discuss the “Natural Enemies of Garden Pests” without the use of pesticides. Today’s gardener wants to be smart and responsible. These are the natural enemies of garden pests, and they are a gardener’s friends. Gardeners don’t want to “knock off” their friends while dealing with their foes. The truth is, we want to help them get the job done and leave a healthier and more productive garden behind. That’s where Professor Draney’s visit to Door County can help. His presentation will provide the information you need to be a smart and responsible home gardener. This program is free and open to the public.