Gathering Ground Raffles Art Piece

Gathering Ground is holding a fundraising raffle for an original painting by Washington Island artist Stephan M. Lynch. The painting, which is crafted from oils on stoneware and mounted on reclaimed wood, depicts the historical Koyen family farm.

Gathering Ground is a nonprofit founded in 2016 to promote agriculture, conservation and connections to the environment and food on its 40-acre working and teaching farm.

“This painting was inspired by a photograph by Steve Waldron, a respected Washington Island artist, teacher and naturalist,” Lynch said. “The tilled earth of the field supports the old farm tucked under an autumn sky. Stoneware as a ground is a metaphor for fundamentals. Earth, air, fire and water are essentials for the farm, which is a primary life-support system for human society.”

One hundred raffle tickets are available at $25 each until Jan. 31. Purchase them online at or with a check after emailing Alessandra at [email protected] for details.

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