Gaza, January 2009

In seven years, we’ve got a whole new body.



– Li-Young Lee, Breaking the Alabaster Jar



A European doctor on emergency duty in Gaza says



it’s like being bombed in a cage,






and I think of how it must seem



to those already hospitalized



with wounds that may never heal



to hear the wham and whistle



smash and screech of missiles,



the rumble of earth giving way underneath



as they lie immobilized



waiting for medicine.



Even the body of a patient lying quietly,



incarcerated, on life support,



generates three billion cells a minute.



In seven years, he could have a whole new body,



not as it was, but brimming with life.



Where is Joseph, whose dreams saved



both Egyptians and the brothers who betrayed him?




Water brims to the top of a tube and trembles there.