Gelato Party at Double Delites

Egg Harbor’s Double Delites plans to host a children’s Gelato Party on Thursday, August 13 from 1 – 6 pm.

Presented in the United States in conjunction with the gelato-inspired Web resource, the Happy Gelato Party features a gelato entertainment artist who will offer spectators a show full of gelato tricks, exciting giveaways, and Happy Cones. Happy Cones are gelato cones specially decorated with candies and cookies to create fanciful animals, clowns, flowers and much more.

The Happy Gelato Party will feature two delicious signature gelato flavors, including Happy Gelato Classic Swirl, a banana-split inspired flavor and Happy Gelato Cookie Crunch, a flavor reminiscent of grandma’s peanut butter cookies. In addition, Double Delites will offer a variety of their own gelato flavors.

Happy Gelato Parties are an established tradition throughout Europe. For the first time this summer, Happy Gelato Parties will be presented throughout the United States in an effort to spread passion and excitement for gelato to people nationwide.

There will also be a donation box for Feed My People at Double Delites for those who wish to contribute on this day of happiness.

For more information about the Happy Gelato Party, call 920.868.2221 or visit

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