George Sawyn plays to a Courtyard Picnic at The Ginger House

At The Ginger House, tables and chairs – topped with bright lemon-patterned tablecloths, tall wine glasses and themed picnic baskets – dot the courtyard. A gentle breeze passes through the trees, blending with the sound of a soft, soothing acoustic guitar. The new picnic and wine boutique at the Settlement Shops is hosting music performances in its courtyard on Thursdays, 4-6 pm, and Saturdays, 2-5 pm, throughout the summer. 

The Ginger House began its music series last Thursday, when George Sawyn performed solo, treating guests to a mix of 1960s and ’70s covers and originals. His effortless guitar playing included music from the Eagles and a few Beatles tunes. The spacious outdoor setting and soft music volume were ideal for an early evening of conversation and relaxation. 

“We want to have a quiet atmosphere – something simple and sophisticated,” said owner Ginger Baron.

Elements from both inside and outside elevate that atmosphere. Baron accepts courtyard reservations for tables of two, four or six so that her customers can enjoy a picnic while they listen to the live music. Customers can also stop inside the store to shop or grab a picnic basket to-go. 

Her themed picnic packages include the Amore basket for a couple to enjoy a romantic meal, and the Danke Schoen package makes a nice thank-you gift. Each picnic package contains meat, cheese, sweets, Perrier water, a tea towel and an acrylic wine glass. Accompanying beverage choices include wine, Door County Brewing Co. beer and canned cocktails. 

Visitors may bring their own lawn chairs and blankets, or for extra relaxation, they may lie in one of the hammocks or teepees while they enjoy the concert. 

The Ginger House is located at the Settlement Shops, immediately to the right of the parking lot. Photo by Jessica Gatzow.

Inside The Ginger House, Baron offers a variety of globally and locally sourced items for sale: framed artwork, wine, candles, stained-glass lamps, cookies and Peruvian blankets, to list a few. Her world travels have inspired the selection, and she’s excited to add her business to the art and food scene at the Settlement Shops, 9106 Hwy 42, south of Fish Creek.

“We’re trying to bring back some energy and life here – make it stand out more,” Baron said. 

Picnics are a fun way to enjoy a meal in an outdoor setting, away from a busy restaurant, and The Ginger House applies the same concept to music: It’s a chance to hear live music with your meal, but without noisy crowds. And whichever picnic package you choose, it will pair nicely with a courtyard concert.

“It feels like playing nice, subtle background dinner music at a really classy restaurant,” Sawyn said. “I like playing music in that sort of setting.”

He will return to The Ginger House with his acoustic renditions of pop and light jazz July 29, and other upcoming performers include Make Keene, Marybeth Mattson, the Raddatz Family Eclectic, the Birch Creek Jazz Ambassadors and the Sutter Duo. 


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