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“Professional Wildlife Photography: An Afternoon with John Van Den Brandt” is planned for June 24, 2:30 – 5 pm, at Crossroads at Big Creek, Sturgeon Bay. Join professional photographer John Van Den Brandt for a presentation of wildlife photos from around the world and “shot of a lifetime” tips for novice and pros alike. Attendance is $35 per person, and proceeds benefit both Crossroads at Big Creek and the Door County Land Trust.

Van Den Brandt’s decades of adventures photographing a wide range of animals across the world are sure to fascinate anyone who’s ever marveled at the stunning moments wildlife photographers are able to capture.

“Whether hanging out of a helicopter while photographing polar bears or swimming with manatees, this job provides exciting wildlife viewing opportunities that I’m privileged to experience,” said Van Den Brandt. “You’ll leave this presentation inspired to visit your own favorite wild places to try new strategies for getting close to animals.”

Van Den Brandt will begin with an around-the-world photography tour of the animal kingdom ‘from A to Z,’ mixing his stunning images with humor, stories from afield and facts about animals. He will also present 20 practical tips that can be immediately employed by novice or professional photographers alike, to increase chances of capturing that “shot of a lifetime,” whether at a National Park or in the back yard. With visuals and demonstrations, John will provide advice and guidance for attracting and capturing wildlife pictures, including field concealment techniques, predator calls and much more.

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