Gibraltar Aims for Quick Turnaround

In the wake of the April and May resignations by Gereon Methner, secondary-school principal; Tim Mulrain, director of instruction and pupil services; and Brian Annen, elementary-school principal, the Gibraltar School Board authorized Superintendent Tina Van Meer on June 3 to communicate with candidates who express interest in the work, ascertain their interests and strengths, and report back to the board about how to get a leadership team in place before the 2021-22 school year begins.

Board President Stephen Seyfer said he hoped the district could hire a secondary-school principal by June 14 and also by that time, complete a framework for the job description(s) for the next elementary-school principal, or a principal and an assistant of some sort.

“The board reached a consensus on a strategy, and the district administrator is conferring with candidates who fit this strategy,” Seyfer said in a statement following the June 3 closed session. “The board anticipates approving the administrator’s recommendation for new school leadership at its next meeting.”

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