Gibraltar Endorses Multimodal Path

The Town of Gibraltar has greenlit its participation in the creation of a trail that will connect the municipalities of Egg Harbor, Gibraltar, Ephraim and Sister Bay. The idea of making a trail like this has been bouncing around for years, and plans are still in the very early stages, according to town administrator Travis Thyssen.

Thyssen and other Gibraltar town board members have discussed the trail with adjoining communities, Wisconsin State Parks and the Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission, which could help the municipalities formulate a more concrete plan, Thyssen said.

Few details, such as the layout of the trail or whether it would be paved, have been ironed out because the municipalities are still in an early stage of the planning process. But Thyssen said the trail would ideally accommodate hikers, bikers and potentially snowmobilers.

“It’s really in its infancy stage, but everybody seems very excited about moving forward with it,” he said.

That enthusiasm was evident during the town’s March 1 board meeting, when the motion to go forward with plans for the trail was approved unanimously. During the opportunity for public comment, multiple residents expressed their approval for the trail, citing it as a tourist draw as well as an opportunity for a safer commute for local students and workers.

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