Gibraltar Entrepreneurship Students Form Company

The Gibraltar Entrepreneurship class is forming a Junior Achievement, or J.A., Company in cooperation with Richard Luther of Joe Jo’s Pizza and Gelato. The company, which is called JAbraltar Pizza, will take pre-orders for pizza and make them at Joe Jo’s under the supervision of Luther. The pizzas will then be frozen and ready for pick-up at either Joe Jo’s or Gibraltar.

The business consultant for the J.A. Company is Blake Siewert. Siewert has his own business development and marketing consultation business. He meets with the students once a week as a consultant.

The students recently elected officers, which are as follows: Nathan Fearing, President; Samantha Thorn, Vice President of Production; Levi Borboa, Vice President of Marketing; Anne Kaczmarek and Amanda Zahn, Vice Presidents of Finance; Hannah Mickelson, Vice President of Public Relations; and Laine Johnson, Vice President of Human Resources.

Part of the profits from their sales will be used towards funding Happy NESS Entertainment for the Elementary Kid’s Carnival. The pizzas will be available through February 29. J.A. Company members will be taking orders at all home basketball games, throughout the school day and at other events at Gibraltar. If you are interested, please contact any member of the Gibraltar Entrepreneurship Class or email [email protected].