Gibraltar Highway Construction Plans, Costs

Amid public backlash over the proposed improvements to the Fish Creek Beach and boat trailer parking lot project, the highway construction plans slated to begin in March of 2019 are moving forward. Here’s a look at what Fish Creek’s downtown corridor will look like at the end of next year, and how much taxpayers can expect to spend on those improvements.


Sidewalks will be extended from the base of the hill near Gibraltar Grill northbound on Highway 42, along Shore Road going into Peninsula State Park and near Hide Side Corner Store.

On the north/west side of the northbound highway, the sidewalk will extend from its existing location in front of Homestead Suites, past the Door Community Auditorium, and meet with the walking path near the baseball diamond at Gibraltar School. The state will reconstruct the existing pedestrian crossing between the school and the YMCA to include a median intended to slow traffic.

On the south/east side of the highway, the sidewalk will extend up the hill from the existing sidewalk in front of Gibraltar Grill and end at the YMCA, with a pedestrian crossing across the highway leading to the auditorium. This section will also include sidewalk extensions to the Top of the Hill Shops along Spring Road and the Hilltop Inn along County F.

On Shore Road, a sidewalk will be constructed along the west side of the road from the intersection at Highway 42 to the start of the Sunset Bike Trail.

A sidewalk will also be extended from the corner in front of Hide Side Corner Store to Nicolet Bank along the west side of Highway 42.

The state is providing 80 percent of the funding for sidewalk construction along Highway 42. The Town of Gibraltar also approved $200,000 in real estate costs for property acquisitions for the sidewalk expansions

Total Cost to Gibraltar:  $146,111 (not including $200,000 in real estate costs)

Street Lighting

The town will replace the street lights along Highway 42 between Bluff Lane and the YMCA and extend street lights along Shore Road and Evergreen Road.

The Department of Transportation will contribute 50 percent of the cost for a standard lighting system along Highway 42, or $82,500. Because the Town of Gibraltar will use more decorative lighting and extend the scope of lighting, the town is responsible for the difference in cost.

The town is considering special assessments for properties that are adjacent to the new streetlights.

Total Cost:  $813,163

Stormwater and Sewer

The town is relocating the stormwater outfall pipe at the Fish Creek Beach to the east side of the recently expanded property. During the relocation the state will install a new vortechnic unit, which filters stormwater runoff before it is discharged into the bay.

Because most of the runoff at the beach is coming from the state highway, the DOT will fund 75 percent of the base filtration unit, but the town opted for a more efficient unit, the difference of which will be funded entirely by the town.

The town will also pay for adjustment and replacement of six manholes for the sanitary sewer system.

Total Cost:  $199,836

Other town costs associated with the highway resurfacing include the resurfacing of parking lanes and Shore Road, the addition of a right turn lane from Shore Road to Highway 42 southbound, and sharing costs with the state on construction of a retaining wall along the sidewalk extension up the hill toward the auditorium.

Total Municipal Project Cost:  $1,482,956

In March 2019, the DOT plans to begin construction of the storm sewer at the beach, street lighting, sidewalk extensions to the YMCA, and Shore Road. In May and June, the highway will be resurfaced and the state will continue work on the sidewalk to the YMCA and street lighting. In July the state will construct the short sections of sidewalk along County F and Spring Road.

To see a complete list of detours planned during construction, click here.

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