Gibraltar School Board Opts for Virtual Graduation

During its May 26 meeting, the Gibraltar School Board approved a proposal by the administration for a virtual graduation ceremony and a “drive-through” diploma distribution, despite the push by some parents and students to hold a ceremony at the Skyway Drive-In Theater in Fish Creek. 

According to the proposal, a commencement ceremony will take place through a Zoom conference. Students will then receive their diploma individually, by driving up to the school with their families and having an administrator place it on a table for graduates to pick up. A photo opportunity is scheduled for  Sunday, June 7, 4 pm.

“I’ve spoken to several seniors who say to me that they would not go to the drive because their perception is that the drive-in would not be a safe and healthy place for them,” board president Dr. Stephen Seyfer said. “Because we work on inclusion, I cannot support anything else for graduation that has a built in exclusion.”

All members voted in favor of the proposal, with only Mike Peot, board vice president, dissenting; and Mark Weborg, former board president, abstaining.