Gibraltar Students Helping Their Community

In anticipation of the Peninsula Pulse’s Graduation Issue coming out May 22, the Pulse has contacted the newspapers and yearbooks of each school district to invite students to contribute stories about school life amid the COVID-19 pandemic and finishing the 2020 school year from home. This week, Gibraltar’s school newspaper, the Viking Voice, contributed articles to the Pulse.

by Kimberly Church, Gibraltar Senior 

As people are forced to stay in their homes, many need help with gathering groceries, medications, mail and more. Several students from the Gibraltar school community are helping with those efforts. 

Junior Karlee Kita is helping during this time by doing grocery shopping for people who are unable to leave their homes. She and several other volunteers start shopping for Scandia Village residents at 8 am. After those orders are completed, Karlee starts working on the phone and email orders that people have sent in to Piggly Wiggly and continues shopping for other community members throughout the day. She’s typically at the store Monday through Friday. 

Senior Will Andersen and I are helping at the Door County Fire Chiefs Coalition. Will is delivering food and is a runner for missions that need to be completed. He was supposed to be in Nepal on a mission trip, but he had to cut the trip short due to the coronavirus. Will chose to volunteer during this time because he was unable to fulfill his trip. He wanted to help in any way he could for those who are unable to leave their homes. 

I’m a secretary for the coalition, which consists of attending daily meetings to take notes, covering the station phone and completing any task that’s needed. I do a lot of behind-the-scenes work for the coalition and work closely with the incident commander and the logistics branch of the command post.

Will, Karlee and I are only a few of the students who are working to help our community during this difficult time. We thank all the other students for all the hard work they’re doing, as well as managing their school work on top of it. Thank you for helping make the Gibraltar community proud!

Viking Voice Editor Solomon Lindenberg also contributed to this piece.