“Gibraltar Talks” Program Features Harps and History

The Gibraltar Historical Association’s October 11 “Gibraltar Talks” program focuses on harps and history. Jeff Pockat, a self-taught Celtic (Gaelic harp) musician and composer, will be the presenter for the evening.

Since 1984, Pockat has performed on the ancient Gaelic Harp, a beautiful instrument that has been around for over a thousand years. He will tell stories about the harp, music, and harpists and the times in which they lived.

Pockat constantly researches historic music, harpers, and instruments of the Celtic people. “I fell in love with the harp. I started out with a nylon-string Celtic harp and I got that from Gilmore Brothers in Appleton,” Pockat said. “At that point, I had also been listening to Alan Styvall and Patrick Ball. I fell in love with the more ancient harp.”

Today he plays an authentic wire-string harp, and for the program he will play traditional and original pieces to soothe the mind, soul, body and spirit.

This program, starting at 7 pm, will be held at the Old Town Hall in Fish Creek, located at the corner of Maple and Spruce Street.

Programs are open to the public and free, but donations are appreciated for other history programs.

For more information call 920.868.3618.