Gibraltar Working on Mobile Vending Ordinance

In 2018, the Town of Gibraltar implemented an ordinance to ban mobile vendors. Now it’s working on an ordinance to regulate them.

The new requirements aren’t finalized yet, but they will be similar to those in nearby municipalities, according to town administrator Travis Thyssen. A $500 permit fee – put in place because food trucks don’t need to pay property taxes like brick-and-mortar restaurants do – will be similar as well.

Gibraltar’s 2018 ordinance banning food trucks was wiped from the books in 2020, when Door County Circuit Court Judge D. Todd Ehlers ruled it unconstitutional. Gibraltar was silent on the issue of food trucks until someone recently approached the town about getting a permit and prompted the town to work on an ordinance, Thyssen said.

The town board discussed a draft of that ordinance during a Feb. 1 meeting, and it will come up again during the April 12 meeting, after supervisors review the draft in depth and the town attorney makes any necessary edits.