Ginnie Cappaert Show in Santa Fe

Ginnie Cappaert is preparing for her second solo show in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at Globe Fine Art. She owns a studio/gallery in Door County and maintains another studio in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Edgewood Orchard Galleries and Cappaert Contemporary Gallery show her work locally, and she is represented in seven galleries across the country. She has been represented at Globe Fine Art for five years.

This solo show, Color Snaps, is a new body of work that represents the fragments of beauty in the landscape: oil and cold-wax paintings that are color-infused interpretations of landscapes near and far. These “color snaps” are smaller and more intimate than Cappaert’s previous larger works and suggest the importance of every little fragment of life.

The Color Snaps opening reception will be March 22, 4-6 pm, at Globe Fine Art.

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