Glassblowing Demonstrations at Burnt Bluff Stone and Glass

Since opening Burnt Bluff Stone and Glass at the end of the 2021 season, owners Ryan and Kari Dayton have operated their business according to a mission to make glassblowing accessible to everyone. 

Prior to opening the studio, Ryan had been blowing glass for the previous eight years – on and off on the side, whenever and wherever he could. During that time, aside from honing his skills, he also learned that opportunities to observe and learn the art form were rare, and he wanted to change that.  

Glassblower Ryan Dayton is at work at Burnt Bluff Stone and Glass. Photos by Rachel Lukas.

Now, a raised garage door at the studio, 8819 Hwy 42 in Fish Creek, has become the sign that Ryan Dayton is at work, and those passing by are welcome to stop in to watch. For those who would rather not leave the opportunity to chance, however, Burnt Bluff also hosts a scheduled demonstration every Saturday, 12-3 pm. 

During the demo, Dayton happily walks onlookers through the process and explains each step, from rolling the molten glass on the marvel, to adding color, to shaping it into its final form. Part of the fun is seeing the new shapes and objects the pair is currently working on, from roses to trees to pumpkins to pineapples.

Pieces available at Burnt Bluff Stone and Glass. Photo by Rachel Lukas.

In addition to the live demonstrations, Burnt Bluff also offers classes during which students can make their own custom glass piece under Ryan’s instruction. Book classes at