Gluten By the Numbers

Gluten-free products are big right now – an estimated $8.8 billion market that grew 63 percent between 2012 and 2014. An estimated 20 million Americans are pursuing gluten-free diets as a healthier lifestyle and another 13 million have gone gluten-free in an attempt to shed pounds. Some experts say a gluten-free diet is really only beneficial to the very small percent of the population who suffer from the hereditary autoimmune disorder known as celiac disease, which is caused by the ingestion of gluten, which would make gluten-free eating just another dietary fad. NSF International, a global organization committed to protecting health and safety, conducted a survey that determined most consumers are not very well informed about gluten.


The estimated percent of the population that has celiac disease, a hereditary autoimmune disorder caused by the ingestion of gluten.


Percent of survey respondents who incorrectly believe gluten to be a protein found in all carbohydrates.


Percent of adult Americans trying to avoid gluten.


Percent of respondents who incorrectly believe potatoes contain gluten.


Percent of respondents who correctly identified gluten as a protein found in wheat and related grains such as barley and rye.


Percent of respondents who incorrectly identified rice as a source of gluten.


Percent of respondents who are not sure what gluten is.


Percent of respondents who incorrectly believe beer to be gluten-free.

Source: NSF International, Mintel