Go Bo! Foundation Presents Check to MACC Fund for Cancer Research

Annika Johnson and her brother Rolf Johnson presented the $25,000 check to the MACC Fund in Milwaukee. Submitted photo.

The Go Bo! Foundation, represented by Annika Johnson and her brother Rolf Johnson, recently presented a check for $25,000 to the MACC Fund in Milwaukee as the first payment of a $75,000 commitment toward cancer research supported by the MACC Fund. The Go Bo! Foundation’s contribution will support the High-Risk Hematologic Malignancy Program. Its studies are aimed at understanding leukemia biology with the goal of finding new ways to treat these very intransigent cancers.

“We are so honored to be able to make this gift in
 honor of Bo,” says Annika Johnson, mother of the late 
Bo Johnson for whom the Go Bo! Foundation is
 named. “Bo reminded us that we only live once so we
 should make it count. Supporting this critical cancer research will one day make a difference in countless lives. We are deeply appreciative to all who have given so generously to the Go Bo! Foundation in Bo’s memory.”

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