Goju-Ryu Karate Promotions

Karate promotions were recognized at the Fish Creek YMCA on Nov. 4.

(Left to right, first row) Abbigael Sitte, Jake Schar, Braden Sitte, Mateo Jauregui and Michael Garza; (second row) Ben Schroeder, Billy Connor, Will Friedenfels, Leif Olson, Angel Jauregui and Alton Solis; (third row) Shaun Koulias, Maggie Parzych, Jamie Faustini, Max Macias, Connor Moore, Eric Hoyerman and Melvin Londo; (fourth row) Peter Smith, Alura Witalison, Marci Faustini, Ray Roberts and Tatiana Londo; (fifth row) Mark Stephens, Phil Faustini, Johnny Sax, Quin Riemann, Joseph Omilinsky and David Omilinsky.