Golf Results


Alpine Women’s Golf League (August 21)

•Event (Throw Out 2 Worst Holes): A Flight— Mary Aiken 31; B Flight— J. Girman & Deb Staats 36; C Flight— Mady Ferdinand 38.

• Low Score: A Flight— Mary Aiken 43; B Flight— J. Girman 49; C Flight— Mady Ferdinand & Mary Junion 56.

• Fewest Putts: A Flight— Mary Aiken 15; B Flight— Georgianne Farley 13; C Flight— Mady Ferdinand & Mary Junion 15.

• Chip Ins: Mary Aiken, Jill Butler, Georgianne Farley, Jane Mastrangelo, Mary Junion & Sharon Brabson.

• Birdies: Jill Butler.

• Pars: Mary Aiken 3; Jill Butler 2; Mary Limoni, Judy Madsen & Mary Junion 1.


Tuesday Night League (August 21)

Final Results

• Top Team: Team 4 (Tom Rentmeester, Dan Engelke, Wayne Kiehnau & Jim Krumenauer) 336 points.

• Top Player: A Flight— Tom Rentmeester 88; B Flight— Ed Movall 96; C Flight— Richard Hanney 92; D Flight— Jim Krumenauer 95.

• Top Sub: Jim Tarkowski.

Aug. 21 Results

• Low Gross Score: Jim Tarkowski 40.

• Low Net Score: Rudy Ziman 33.


Nor Dor League (August 22)

• Top 3 Low Gross: Carl Podlasek 37; Dave Stolley 40; Pat Hellen & Steve Thomas 41.

• Top 3 Low Net: George Cobb 29; Ed Pentecost 29;

Niles Weborg, Gerry Schwaller & Bob Ossyra 32.

• Top 3 Average Points Per Match: John Dwonch 7.0; Tom Botzau 6.45; Ross Siegel 6.056.

• Top 3 YTD Team Average Points: Team 11 (George Krall, Ross Siegel, John Dwonch & Wally Naleway) 23.83; Team 1 (Pat Hellen, Tom Gaggiano, Ken Uhlhorn & Bob Joseph) 22.25; Team 6 (Tom Rentmeester, George Cobb, John Skogsbakken & Tom Botzau) 20.94.

Bonnie Braes (August 23)

• Event (Lowest Putts): A Flight— Debbie Thomas 13; B Flight— Jane Mastrangelo 17; C Flight— Marge Bricker 15.

• Low Gross: A Flight— Debbie Thomas 37; B Flight— Kay Nelson 51; C Flight— Marge Bricker & Barbie Gaggiano 56.

• Low Net: A Flight— Debbie Thomas & Nora Joseph 32; B Flight— Kay Nelson 35; C Flight— Marge Bricker & Barbie Gaggiano 36.

Rare Feat

Tomm Hummel of Fish Creek and Green Bay had a stretch for the ages at Peninsula State Park on August 17. For starters, the 62-year-old aced the par-3 8th for the third time in his life on that specific hole, which is worthy of recognition alone.

Hummel birdied the two holes preceding his hole-in-one and went on to birdie the final hole of the nine, shooting a 4-under 32. Hummel made just 11 strokes on his final four holes, a stretch that he is sure to never forget.