Golf Tip: The Moment of Impact

Many things can go wrong during a golf swing, but the only thing the ball knows is the impact. It is at the precise moment when the club delivers all the flight information to the ball, telling it where to go.

The goal to impact (except with the driver) is to achieve a club shaft that leans forward, assuring a descending and accelerating blow, as well as a clubface that is square to the intended target. These alignments provide maximum power and provide consistency.

To achieve all of this you must “educate you hands.” Your hands control the club shaft, clubhead and clubface alignment; in addition to educating your hands, you must support their actions through proper body motions and alignments. When you watch the PGA Tour players you will see many different ways to take the club back, start it down and follow through, but they all achieve very similar impact alignments

Todd Sinclair is the Director of Instruction at First Coast Golf Academy. Sinclair gives lessons at both The Orchards at Egg Harbor and Meadow Ridge Lodge at Cherry Hills in Sturgeon Bay. He can be reached at 904.338.7107 or at