Golf Tip

Minimum airtime, maximum ground time. A chip shot is a low flying shot that rolls farther than it carries. This shot should be chosen if the situation does not allow you to putt. There are many techniques that produce this shot; however, some are more efficient than others.
The most efficient ways to chip is to treat the shot as a “putt with a lofted club.” This will allow you to take advantage of a motion that is easy to produce because of limited moving parts. Once the technique is established there is one job – fly the ball to a specific spot and let it roll out from there. For a standard chip you should land the ball approximately 3 feet (one pace) onto the green, regardless of the distance from the edge of the green to the pin.

Todd Sinclair is the Director of Instruction at First Coast Golf Academy. Sinclair gives lessons at both The Orchards at Egg Harbor and Meadow Ridge Lodge at Cherry Hills in Sturgeon Bay. He can be reached at 904-338-7107 or at