‘Good Seeds’ Author Gives Reading, Signing Oct. 14

For Menominee Indians, the “Good Seeds” of life are the manoomin or wild rice that also gives the tribe its name. In this new Wisconsin Historical Society Press food memoir, Good Seeds, author and tribal member Thomas Pecore Weso takes readers on a cook’s journey through the North Woods tribal lands. Drawing from his rare perspective as a Native anthropologist and artist, he mixes a poignant personal story with the seeds of Menominee cooking traditions.

With humor and heart, Weso folds Reservation life with ingredients that are not in most cooks’ pantries. From squirrel and beaver to dried corn and blackberries, he serves up the rich food culture of the Menominee Indian Nation and connects Menominee food – trout, wild rice, maple sugar, partridge, and more – to the colorful individuals who taught him indigenous values, including his medicine man grandfather, Moon, and his grandmother Jennie.

Weso is an enrolled member of the Menominee Indian Nation of Wisconsin. He is the author of many articles, personal essays, and a biography of Langston Hughes with coauthor Denise Low. Weso holds a Master’s degree in Indigenous Studies from the University of Kansas and teaches at Kansas City Kansas Community College.

On Oct. 14 at 7 pm, Weso will be at the Old Calvary Church, on Highway 42 in Egg Harbor, for a book talk with readings from Good Seeds. A book signing will follow.

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