Good To Be Back

It feels good to be back. Back to playing golf, thinking about golf and enjoying a few precious weeks in a finally thawed Door County. Combine those three and it feels great to be back creating the Golf Page for the Pulse again this summer.

The beginning of my third season running the Golf Page comes at a very interesting time for myself, too. While writing this post, I’m sitting behind the pro shop desk at The Legend at Bergamont, a semi-private golf club just south of Madison where I work to ensure free golf. In a few hours, after I close the shop, I’ll head home to catch the finish of The Players tournament on CBS.

In my final few weeks attending school in Wisconsin’s capital city, I’ve been scrambling in each direction to play any new course that will have me. All along, I’ve been searching Craigslist for housing in New York City, because I’m headed there in June to work at GOLF Magazine and

Clearly, the game of golf continues to fascinate me, and in more than one fashion.

And as long as this game continues to fascinate me, writing about it will continue to fascinate me as well. Sprinkle in the only home I’ve ever had, Door County, and it’s easy to understand how enjoyable it is to produce the Golf Page.

However, I simply own the keys to this section of the Pulse. This coupe isn’t going anywhere without the readers and golfers of Door County providing some of the fuel.

In my eyes, the Golf Page should be interactive; it shouldn’t just be the personal musings of a restless mid-handicapper who loses his swing twice a summer. Once in awhile my thoughts on the game have relevance but the Golf Page of Door County should be more about the golfers of Door County.

So that’s where I need some help. I’ll be moving to the Big Apple in early June to cover the big boys of golf, but as infatuating as the professional game can be, I still love hearing about the random golf happenings in Door County throughout the summer. All those happenings help me create a better Golf Page.

My favorite stories to tell involve hole-in-ones, and since I can’t seem to grab one by myself, help me experience yours. If you (or a friend or playing partner) are lucky enough to toss one in, please let me know with an email to [email protected].

Or if there’s a certain golfer in the county that has a remarkable story to tell, drop me a line. If my 22-plus years living on the peninsula tell me anything, it’s that there are plenty of characters who enjoy teeing it up as a hobby.

Though I might be here, there and elsewhere for much of the golf season, Door County and its fairways will always be on my mind, and right now, it sure feels good to be back.