Gov. Evers Visits Door County

The reason why Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers was standing in the Bearded Heart last week holding a freshly brewed beverage was maybe simpler than one may have expected. 

“The reason we stopped was because of the name,” he said.

Mary Horton, owner of the Baileys Harbor cafe and restaurant, said the notification on the answering machine about the governor’s pending visit was a complete surprise.

“It’s a great privilege,” she said. “I’m so happy to welcome him. It’s nice knowing the governor is concerned with us.”

Evers visited Door County for National Travel and Tourism Week, during a time when businesses are still blunted by COVID-19 but slowly reopening to pre-pandemic ways of doing business. Setting aside “all the political garbage,” Evers said he’s been impressed by the resiliency of Wisconsinites during the past year.

“It’s been quite extraordinary seeing Wisconsinsites pull together day by day to get through life and this pandemic,” he said.

Legislators are currently building the state’s biennial budget, and Evers touched on his priorities, with broadband among them. He said Wisconsin must figure out how to provide broadband to every last mile of the state, just as it did with electricity.  

“We have to have it, and there’s no reason why not. It’s expensive,” he said, but “if you want to grow economically, you have to have broadband.”

Following his brief Baileys Harbor stop, Evers headed to Cave Point County Park to walk the trails, confessing a little-known fact: “I don’t like to kayak. I just find it boring. Sorry,” he said with a laugh. Evers’ silent sport of choice? Hydrobiking.

The governor also paid a visit to Fish Creek’s J. Jeffery Taylor Jewelry and Fine Art, where he knows the owners.