Great Albums for the Open Road

When the season ends, I tend to need to put a bit of road between my tires and where I’ve been all summer. Becoming a semi-migratory worker in Door County, I spend good stretches on the road splitting my time between city and country. A good driving album keeps you interested, keeps you moving, keeps you happy to be flying over pavement – some are so good they’ll keep you lingering in the driveway of your destination even after hours of driving.

Here are some of the albums and key tracks that have kept me “movin’ right along” so far this off-season:

Bad As Me, Tom Waits “Chicago”

Muppets: The Green Album, Various Artists “Movin’ Right Along (by the Alkaline Trio)”

Dangerous Charms, The Delmonas “Comin’ Home Baby”

Wanted, Charles Mingus “Moanin’”