Greener Side

Greetings Door County friends. I feel honored to be the one to pass on this incredibly valuable information to you.

A short time ago I was enjoying a quick nine when I made a startling discovery that would forever change my life. After lining up for my #9 tee shot, (compensating drastically for the expected slice), I was surprised to see my shot sail deep into the trees off the left rough. I neglected the provisional and set off promptly to track down my certainly playable ball. After a few steps into the trees I was shocked to find a little green man  holding my ball and a broken putter. He smiled as he reached up to hand me the ball and as I took it from him he whispered the meaning of life in my ear and disappeared. Terribly anxious to share what I had learned, I did the natural thing and finished my round. Unfortunately, I cannot convey the secrets of my discovery in words. I can, however, lead one to the path of discovery by assuring you that this mysterious being can only be found on a golf course. Each person must find the little green man on the course to attain this treasured information. Fortunately, while visiting Door County, one has many opportunities to search. While in Door County, you may wish to search for him while playing one of these fine courses. The Alpine Golf Course in Egg Harbor offers 27 challenging holes, some lined with thick foliage, perfect for concealing little white balls (or little green men). Be sure to be courteous and polite to Hannah when checking in and you will be duck-hooking your first drive in no time. For a truly religious experience play the blue nine on top and savor the view from the #9 tee as the sun sets early in the evening. Take Highway G at The Harbor Point Inn in the middle of Egg Harbor to get to Alpine. If you want to play the “niftiest” 9-hole course in Door County head to the Stonehedge course. Stonehedge is located just a mile east of Egg Harbor on Highway E. This relatively new course entices hackers with its affordable prices and its open fairways. As you repeatedly describe the intricacies of attaining your incredible score, no one has to know that you were spared any evil par 5s. If the bayside happens to be a bit too warm, head over to Maxwelton Braes Country Club on the lake side. If you’re heading over on Highway E be sure to hold your hand out the window and notice the drastic temperature change as you cross Kangaroo Lake. Maxwelton’s 18-hole course offers a variety of obstacles including Highway 57 and even a swimming pool. If you’re feeling lucky, try to drive the trees on #9. It saves a stroke and if you come up short, there’s a good chance you might still have a shot anyway. As your search for enlightenment stretches north, explore the Peninsula State Park Golf Course. Being one of the most popular courses in the county, be sure to reserve your time early in the day. Also, bring your patience and a cooler as the play tends to slow due to the Chicago folk searching for their stray drives, approaches, chips, and putts (yes, even putts). The #8 cliff hole is notorious for tricking players into having to chip back across the road to the green, so beware. If you’re still searching head up to Sister Bay and try the Bay Ridge Golf Course. Play all day for $20 and improve that sand shot while seeking out the meaning of life. Spend some time on a range before playing Bay Ridge as the small greens make for challenging approach shots. If you haven’t tracked down the meaning of life after playing these five courses, head to the Blue Ox in Bailey’s Harbor. I’ll cook you the best burger you’ve ever had, correct your slice, and explain, in detail, the meaning of life. Until then friends, I’ll be on the greener side.