Guerilla Yoga at Martin Park

Shalyn Rose

Shalyn Rose hopes to encourage everyone to practice guerilla yoga beyond typical studio walls, especially outdoors in the fresh air and bathed in sunshine. That’s why she is launching a series of weekly classes throughout June at Martin Park in Sturgeon Bay on Saturday mornings at 7:30 am.

In the guerilla yoga movement, participants are encouraged to practice yoga everywhere in public spaces, alone or in groups just like any other healthy form of exercise or sport.

As a certified yoga instructor, Rose’s Vinyasa flow class is intentionally designed for all levels of yogis looking for moving meditation. The Vinyasa style of yoga links one breath to one movement. It’s a bit fast-paced and somewhat challenging, but still accessible to anyone who seeks to build strength, flexibility and focus.

Classes meet rain or shine. All levels welcome in Vinyasa flow by free-will donation. For more information visit

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