Guthrie Brothers Emulate Simon & Garfunkel

The Guthrie Brothers will take the stage at the Peg Egan Performing Arts Center’s free Sunset Concert Series on July 21, 7 pm.  

The New York-based Jeb and Jock Guthrie, who both play acoustic guitar and sing, knew the first time they played a Simon & Garfunkel song that they had a natural and almost spiritual connection to it. 

“Our voices seemed to blend effortlessly into that S&G signature sound, and the overwhelming audience reaction to our first tribute performance confirmed our feelings,” Jock said. “Since that first performance, we’ve worked to perfect our tribute to these two amazing artists” – and they do so with startling authenticity in an unplugged, acoustic style.  

Concertgoers should take blankets or lawn chairs to the Peg Egan PAC on Church Street in Egg Harbor, and carry-ins are allowed. In case of rain, the concert will be held at Calvary Methodist Church, 4650 Cty E in Egg Harbor. Call 920.493.5979 to learn more. 

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