Haiku: Summer 2016, Door County, Wisconsin


White birch-trees, stone cliffs;

Summer sun: such sweet, soft air!

Spiders in their webs.



Blackberries, cherries;

Thimbleberry pie, ice cream;

Cedars: crystal moon.



Queen-Anne’s Lace, sweet-pea:

Purple, yellow, white, green, blue;

Chicory, daisies–grass.



So long summer sun!

Flip-flops, fish-boils, ferries, fires:

Footprints in the sand.



Wild west winds! White caps!

Flowered fields, cut hay, and goats.

Bright fires, light laughter.



Waves on a rock shelf;

Raccoons, squirrels, porcupines;

Music in the woods.

Rich Cureton is a retired English professor. With his brother, Kirk, he owns a shoreline cottage and 10 acres of land on Wisconsin Bay Road, north of Gills Rock. He has been coming to Door County, regularly, for 60 years. November through April, he lives with his wife in Ann Arbor, Michigan. May through October he is at his cottage in Door County.

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