Haikus for our Tonkenese

At the Window

She sits and watches
Cardinals, chickadees, wrens
At the new feeder.

Blue eyes open wide
“Uh” she says and “uh” again
Her whiskers twitching.

Her tail curls, recurls
Leading a life of its own
A curious cat.

Avec Poulet

“New improved flavor
Avec poussin” the bag said
“She’ll like that” I thought.

She watched me pour it
Sniffed, tasted, then turned away
With a confused look.

“Do you want this one?”
I gave her “avec poulet”
She ate happily.

Henry’s Helpmate

It is time to write
His weekly column today
She stares at the screen.

She walks on the keys
“Mai Mai, I have work to do.”
She nuzzles and purrs.

He says “Come on, dear”
And lifts her to his shoulder
She watches him write.