More Than Half of County Vehicle Accidents Involve Visitors

The facts below are from Anatomy of Traffic Safety in Door County, a report prepared by the Bureau of Transportation Safety and presented at the 2016 4th quarter meeting of the Door County Highway Safety Commission on Nov. 3.

  • Inattentive driving was the most often cited reason (22 percent) for a crash in Door County from 2010-14, followed by failure to control vehicle (18 percent), failure to yield right-of-way (16 percent), speeding/driving too fast for conditions (5 percent), tailgating (5 percent), unsafe backing (5 percent), and all other categories (13 percent).


  • Females were involved in 44 percent of Door County fatalities and crashes and with incapacitating injuries 2010-14, while 55 percent involved males and one percent was not reported.
  • Fifty-one percent of all Door County fatalities and incapacitating crashes between 2010-14 involved non-locals (a local is defined as someone with a zip code fully or partially within Door County).
  • Number of vehicles registered in Door County (2015): 20,386 trucks, 13,333 autos, 3,618 motorcycles, 2,505 trailers.
  • 2015 Vehicle Miles Traveled in the county: 1,105,171 per day; 403,387,415 for the year.
  • One potential problem for crash victims is that the closest level II trauma centers are in Green Bay, approximately 50 minutes away from Sturgeon Bay. The risks are somewhat diminished by Eagle III, a helicopter ambulance out of Aurora BayCare Medical Center that can reach anywhere on the peninsula within 30 minutes.
  • A 51-year-old (the median age of the county) Door County resident would receive the steepest financial impact compared with other age groups involved in a crash. In the years 2010-14, Door County residents ages 35-54 paid a total of $2,826,431 in estimated medical costs, $257,480 in estimated emergency room charges, and $18,474,483 in total estimated quality of life costs. Also during this time frame, incapacitating injuries cost Door County residents $6,449,373 in estimated medical costs. Additionally, crashes in which alcohol was a contributing factor cost Door County residents $2,115,949 in estimated medical costs.
  • As of 2015 there were 304 emergency medical technicians (EMT) in Door County, operating out of 13 different stations.

Door County Emergency Medical Service: 98 EMTs

Sister Bay and Liberty Grove Fire Dept.: 35

Sturgeon Bay Fire Department First Responders: 30

Egg Harbor First Responders: 20

Southern Door County First Responders: 20

Brussels-Union Emergency Medical Responders: 19

Sevastopol First Responders: 18

Para Tran Ambulance: 16

Baileys Harbor First Responders: 13

Gibraltar First Responders: 10

Washington Island Fire Dept. EMR: 9

Jacksonport First Responders: 3

  • Workers who reside in Door County work in:

Door County: 11,649

Brown County: 862

Kewaunee County: 469

Manitowoc County: 135

Marathon County: 83

Others: 511

  • People who work in Door County reside in:

Door County: 11,649

Kewaunee County: 714

Brown County: 398

Others: 313


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