Hans Christian Receives Grammy Nomination

Sturgeon Bay musician and producer Hans Christian’s latest CD release, Ocean Dreaming Ocean, was nominated for a Grammy in the category New Age/Ambient/Chant. His CD was chosen alongside four other nominees from a pool of over 175 entries. 

Christian considers Ocean Dreaming Ocean to be a highlight in his lengthy creative career as a cellist, composer and producer. While creating it, Christian responded to and filled in pieces from David Darling, a Grammy award-winning cellist and composer who died in 2021.

“While working on this music, I keenly listened to hints in David’s raw recordings that could provide building blocks for a greater composition – and there were many,” Christian said.

Most of the album consists of cello music, either by Christian or Darling. Other instruments – including a trumpet by the late jazz musician Ron Miles, and piano and vocals by Darling – supplement the work, which is rounded out by morsels of waterphone and whale song.

“For me, the music straddles the deepest levels of my soul,” Christian said.

The winner will be announced during the 66th annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 4, 2024.