Hans Christian Releases New Album

Hans Christian’s new CD project, titled Be Love, contains seven songs that feature Jim Beckwith’s sensitive vocals and a lush production and orchestration by Christian.

Beckwith’s lyrical reflections on life have a timeless beauty to them and his singing in Sanskrit and English is unsurpassed. Beckwith is known throughout the yoga scene for his sensitive musicality and beautiful singing.

“When I first heard him at a recent Bhaktifest I was deeply inspired by his song ‘You Open Me’ and instantly proposed a collaboration where he would provide the initial raw ideas and pass them on to me for turning them into fully orchestrated productions,” said Christian. “A deeply musical project was born in August of 2016 which took about seven months to complete and where our creative chemistry turned out to be even more fertile than I thought possible.”

Be Love is Christian’s 20th CD of original music. Also, 2017 is another milestone year for him as it marks the 35th anniversary of his arrival to the U.S.

Christian will hold a solo concert on May 28 at Woodwalk Gallery in Egg Harbor.

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