Hans Christian to Perform on Gong and Tibetan Bowls

Sturgeon Bay artist Hans Christian is offering three concerts on gongs and Tibetan bowls in November. Titled “Sonic Immersion,” these one-hour concerts will be performed live without electronics or amplification at his recording studio, STUDIO 330.

“Gongs and Tibetan bowls have been in my sonic arsenal for a long time,” says the cellist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer, “but it has been a dream of mine for a while now to plunge into the sonic depths of these amazing instruments for a whole concert.”

According to the artist, the main gong used for this concert is a 40” Atlantis gong that weighs more than 50 pounds and has an incredible dynamic range. Augmenting this magnificent instrument is a smaller 22” Atlantis gong, a 28” Chinese wind gong, and two Tibetan bowls. By using different types of mallets to strike, rub, and mute the gongs, a wide variety of tonal expressions can be generated.

“A gong concert is a complete immersion into sound,” says Christian. “The listener should be in a very comfortable position, either lying down or leaning back, to absorb the vibrations of the performance. This is a deep listening experience of the highest order, and I can’t wait to share this extraordinary experience with an audience.”

Concerts are scheduled for Nov. 14, 21 & 28 at 7 pm. STUDIO 330 is located at 330 N. Third Ave, Sturgeon Bay. Participants should arrive at 6:30 pm, wear comfortable clothing and bring their favorite pillows, blankets and yoga mats. Refreshments will be available before and after the event. Once the concert starts there will be no access to avoid any disturbance.
 A donation of $25 per person is requested. For tickets or more information, visit or email [email protected].


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