Harbor Plantings

Caleb Whitney and Loren Peil plant a maple tree at Orphan Annie’s in Baileys Harbor.

Baileys Harbor just became a little more green, as two couples planted trees on their property.

Loren and Annie Peil, owners of Orphan Annie’s Schoolhouse Inn, planted two- to four-inch caliper maple trees at their lodging property. These are to replace the longstanding maples that many Baileys Harbor School students grew up climbing and playing on, including Loren.

Loren and Annie are in their 70s, but believe in paying it forward. Loren is a great-grandson to Carl Peil, the man who planted all the maples lining County F and County EE just outside of Baileys Harbor. These trees are so large they required a backhoe tractor to place in the hole.

Michelle and Brian Rasmusson recently planted dozens of native cedar trees in their Baileys Harbor front yard. Digging, hauling and planting all these trees with a little help from their friends will result in a beautiful addition to their property and the neighborhood.