Hardy Gallery Plans Exposure to Creativity Program

The Hardy Gallery and the Friends of Gibraltar (FOG) are preparing for the 2010/2011 Exposure to Creativity (ETC) program. The free program will service all Gibraltar High School students and is scheduled to launch on Monday, Nov. 22.

The ETC program, established in 2007, pairs the high school students of Gibraltar with experienced local artists for specialized learning in a variety of creative fields. Half-day workshops offered in past years have included digital photography, graphic design, theater/playwriting, creative writing/poetry, gourmet cooking and food presentation, architecture, pottery, clothing design, landscape design, and more.

For the 2010/2011 school year, the Hardy and FOG will work together to bus students off-campus and out into the studios and galleries of Door County’s working artists more than in year’s past.

“It’s great for the students to be able to see these artists at work in their own space,” said Elizabeth Meissner-Gigstead, executive director of the Hardy. “The hands-on experiences the students receive in these environments make the concept of art as a potential career that much more viable.”

Similar to last year, this year’s ETC workshops will also focus on creating artwork to hang in the homes that are built by Door County’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

For more information on the Hardy or the ETC program, visit or call 920.854.2210.