Hardy Hosts Panel Discussion

The Francis Hardy Center for the Arts (FHCA), a non-profit arts organization in Ephraim, recently announced that they are organizing a panel discussion scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 6, 2008. The event will take place at the Francis Hardy Gallery in downtown Ephraim at 4 pm and will feature keynote speaker Prof. Arnold R. Alanen from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Alanen will give a presentation, “Cultural Landscapes in Wisconsin and Door County.” In addition, leading experts in the fields of land use planning, historic landscape preservation, agriculture and Door County itself will join Alanen to celebrate and discuss the future of Door County‚Äôs dwindling rural landscape.

“We are privileged to have one of the country’s leading experts as the keynote for the event,” said Elizabeth Meissner, interim executive director. “The panel will bring valuable knowledge and expertise on the subject, helping visitors and residents alike understand what cultural landscapes are, their value and most importantly, encourage individuals to take an active role in the preservation of these landscapes,” she added.

The discussion is a program coordinated in conjunction with the FHCA’s newest exhibit, “The Glories of the Door County Rural Landscape,” which opens on Sept. 6. The exhibit will take viewers on an engaging and thought-provoking visual journey to explore Door County’s rural landscapes through the eyes of fine art photographer Paul Lurie.

For more information about this event call 920.854.2210 or send email to [email protected].