Harvesting the Sun

The New Year is starting out bright and shiny at Sunny Slope Farms, as owner Gary Mosgaller recently installed Door County’s largest solar electric system to help power his organic dairy farm located at 6388 Kiehnau Road in the Town of Egg Harbor.

Mosgaller has been involved with sustainability for years, and he is respected for his efforts and success with organic farming. His farm supplies milk to Organic Valley, a company that promotes renewable energy projects with their members including Wisconsin’s first community wind energy project. Organic Valley recently installed two, 2.5-Megawatt wind turbines to power their facility in La Farge, Wis.

For Sunny Slope Farms, investing in renewable energy is investing in a sustainable future, and harvesting the sun and wind is just like harvesting another crop that Mother Nature offers. Adding a renewable energy system to produce electricity to run his farm was a natural next step for Mosgaller.

Mosgaller and his farmhands assisted Lake Michigan Wind & Sun, Ltd. with the installation of the project. They were all out listening to the Packer games by radio during rain, snow and sleet to get the job done before year end.

Dairy farms consume a lot of energy, and while the photovoltaic system will not produce all of his energy, Mosgaller knows it will put a large dent in his electric bill. The system will produce enough energy to offset the needs of over three typical households.

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