A First Look Inside New Hatch Distilling Co. in Egg Harbor

A new distillery is “hatching” in Egg Harbor July 13. Hatch Distilling Company has been working hard during the past year to open a space that enhances the Door County experience.

A July 10 soft opening unveiled a space with a balance between industrial and natural. Air vents travel along the ceiling, trendy light fixtures hang over the bar, and a wall of windows shows the distillery’s production room. They’ve also made an effort to bring in natural elements, like wood-topped tables and birch branch centerpieces. They’re also creating artwork themed around beekeeping.

The Pulse talked with owner Chris Roedl last year about his plans for Hatch, one of which was experimentation with mead-based products. As a beekeeper, he gets to collect his own honey, and his plans for using it have stuck. There were a number of honey syrups included in last night’s drinks.

Browsing through Hatch’s new drink menu showed twists on classics, like Bloody Mary’s with a hard boiled egg, and new, refreshing summer drinks. They’re creating their own vodkas, gin and bourbon, all of it packaged in glass antique-like bottles aside from what’s on the drink menu.

Another thing that customers can be proud of is that they don’t offer straws. Points for saving the environment!

Guests were also able to browse their new merchandise, including clothing items, stickers, mini bottles of bitters with dropper tops and beard balm. It doesn’t get much trendier than beard balm.

Overall, the experience was inviting and open. As a 22 year old, I felt it was a place I wanted to bring my friends but also my parents — it’s definitely for everyone. Tours and tastings are to be offered daily once they open.

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