Health Care Reform Resource Guide


We dug around dozens of sites and articles to try to find the best explanations of health care reform, and though there’s no simple, one-stop shop, these five sites are your best bets for digestible information.


The site of the Wisconsin Office of Health Care Reform is a site where you can learn about how health care reform is being implemented in Wisconsin. This site includes information specific to employers about how the bill will affect you and what tax credits are available to offset the costs of compliance. includes a portal to help consumers find insurance options by region, compare care quality, and a comprehensive look at the new law and what it means in each state, provision by provision.


A government website with information and tools to help you stay healthy and find services.


Check eligibility for tax credits, prescription drug plans, and other cost-saving health care plans and programs.


• YouTube Video  : Health Reform Hits Main Street


This 10-minute video, produced by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, lays out the issue in the simplest of ways – with cartoons! It works, the video moves quickly, addresses the topic in as close to laymen’s terms as could be hoped, and serves as a decent primer for what it all means. If all you’re willing to commit to the discussion is 10 minutes, spend it here. The Kaiser Family Foundation’s Health Reform information is among the most comprehensive available and can be found at