Hen & Chick Hatches onto the Art Scene

Greco Gallery is now featuring artwork by Hen & Chick, including this garden art piece.

Emily Watton will introduce a new line of garden accessories at Greco Gallery in Sturgeon Bay on July 1. Using vintage pieces such as ceramic doorknobs, enamel bowls and even shoe molds; Hen & Chick takes pride in bringing simple beauty to Third Avenue.

Hen & Chick offers vintage goodies transformed into garden accessories. Watton, Hen & Chick creator, found her roots in gardening and antiquing with the help of her mother, Nancy. “I have been antiquing with my Mom since I was a little girl. Now I have a passion for it. If it’s still around I respect it,” says the garden artist.

Sempervivum, typically referred to as “hen and chick,” is a waxy green plant grown in rosettes that tolerates heat and drought. As hen and chick is part of the succulent family, these plants require water once a week.

Hen & Chick products are planted with cocoa grass, then lined with soil, and finished with moss. These details allow for the live arrangements to remain well kept with little attention.

Hen & Chick also offers more elaborate pieces, like the 4’ garden art pieces from cedar planks and pastel enamel lids. The artist says, “I love breathing life into something forgotten. I find fallen cedar all over my backyard and think, why wouldn’t I use this?”

Hen & Chick is proud to debut at Greco Gallery, “An Artist Boutique,” located at 24 N. Third Avenue in Sturgeon Bay.

For more information email Watton at [email protected] or visit