Herbal Healing Workshops at Junction Center Yoga

Join herbalist Joanne Bauman for a series of workshops at Junction Center Yoga Studio on June 6 & 10. The workshops are “Herbs for Sleep, Dreams and Relaxation,” “Create Your Medicine Garden,” and “Ligaments, Tendons & Bones Oh My! The Musculoskeletal System & Pain.”

Bauman is an ardent follower of the Wise Woman Tradition, one of the world’s oldest healing traditions practiced in most cultures worldwide. She said the tradition is what encourages her to use the common plants and healing garden “weeds” that grow locally.

“Herbs for Sleep, Dreams and Relaxation” takes place June 6, 5:30-7:30 pm. The workshop will explore various non-psychoactive herbs, barks and spices to enhance dreaming and open intuition. Preparations discussed include teas, herbal extracts, oils, balms, dream pillows, incense and bath soaks.

“Create Your Medicine Garden” takes place June 10, 10 am to noon. A medicinal plant garden provides affordable, sustainable and indispensable herbs to remedy a variety of conditions, from prevention to times of emergencies. Participants will learn about various plants to grow, how to get started, design tips, and choosing plants or seeds.

“Ligaments, Tendons & Bones, Oh My! The Musculoskeletal System & Pain” takes place June 10, 1:30 to 3:30 pm. Learn herb/plant allies to assist in healing musculoskeletal issues, injury and recovery.

Pre-registration is required to attend any of the workshops. The fee to attend each workshop is $30 or $75 for all three. To register, call 920.823.2763 or email [email protected]

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