Herbst Presents Egg Harbor in Watercolor

The Public Arts Initiative of Egg Harbor and the Kress Pavilion are presenting an exhibition of paintings by folk artist Giz Herbst, a local historian known for his dedicated service to the Egg Harbor Historical Society. A reception for Herbst will take place Oct. 20, 3-5 pm, immediately following a presentation by the historical society. Herbst, a self-described “soft architectural folk artist,” painted 31 watercolors of Egg Harbor buildings in 2014, when the village celebrated its 50th anniversary, and the exhibit features 15 of the original works. Each painting features Herbst’s furry friend Bailey, who was his constant companion while painting this series. 

The show will be open through Jan. 30, 2023, at the Kress Pavilion, 7845 Church St. in Egg Harbor.

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