Hidding Property May be Archeological Site

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• The town closed on the Hidding Property purchase on Monday, November 9. We have learned that DNR archaeological research shows the whole Hidding property is considered an archaeological site. There was a lumber site and quarry there. It may be necessary to modify our granting request with wording that we would not create any disturbance until a complete archaeological study can be conducted and approval given. The town is looking at a proposal by Mr. Fay of Old Northwest Research. This would tell us what can be approved for future use and does not mean we can’t do anything. The town will wait for the results which then may modify what and where we do things.

• The budget hearing will occur Monday, November 16 at 6 pm. It is an opportunity for taxpayers to comment on the budget. Following the budget hearing a special town meeting will be held to adopt the Town Tax Levy for 2010 and approve the total highway expenditures for 2010. The meeting will take place at the Ellison Bay Community Center. The proposed budget is on the town Web Site under “Notices.” Taxpayers are encouraged to attend the budget hearing. Please contact the town offices for additional information.

• A final punch list for the town hall construction has been scheduled for Tuesday, November 17. It will take place during the regular construction meeting. It is anticipated that the move into the town hall will begin the first week of December.

• Bud Kalms, Nancy Goss and John Lowry have begun the negotiating process with the Gills Rock property owners. The properties involved are the original 11 as requested by the owners. Updates on the progress and process will be a regular part of town board meetings. The board is anticipating a number of informational meetings once, and if, an agreement is made with the owners. A special town meeting will be scheduled asking residents to approve the purchase as required by state statutes.

• The town is still waiting for communication from the U.S. Postal Department regarding the Ellison Bay Post Office remodeling. Bud is waiting for the appropriate paper work to arrive and be reviewed.

• Quick reminders: During town hall remodeling and new construction, the town offices are in their temporary location at the North Fire Station. Town and committee meetings are being held at the Ellison Bay Community Center. Please check the calendar on the town Web Site for times and possible location changes. With the exception of posted closed sessions all meeting are open to the public. Town board meetings are held the first and third Wednesdays of each month.

To contact John Lowry regarding the Town of Liberty Grove or information found within this column, email [email protected] or call the Town of Liberty Grove at 920.854.2934.

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