High-speed Internet Access Expands in Northern Door

When Frontier Wireless announced the completion of phase one of its DSL Internet rollout Nov. 3, Sam Perlman, economic development director at the Door County Economic Development Corporation said it signaled a step forward for business prospects on the peninsula.

“So much of our economic development strategy is about reaching out to seasonal residents,” Perlman said. “It’s about getting them to spend more time here, relocate here, or run a business here. You can’t do that on dial-up.”

The areas served will be those near the company’s exchanges in Jacksonport, Egg Harbor, Baileys Harbor, Sister Bay, and Washington Island.

Frontier General Manager Frank Maydack said the company will expand to Fish Creek, Ephraim, Rowley’s Bay and Gills Rock in 2012, with infrastructure work beginning again next spring. To inquire about Frontier’s service availability call Maydak at 877.462.8188.

The demand for broadband is not slowing down. Perlman said that 10 years ago a 250 KB connection was considered the minimum standard for running a business. Today, he says, the standard is at least 1.5 MB of download speed, six times as much. With the rapid growth in mobile device usage and Internet video that demand is only expected to grow.

“This service from Frontier helps existing businesses, and it helps us go after new businesses,” Perlman said.

Frontier’s service isn’t the equivalent of Charter cable Internet service or Door County Wireless service, but it is a more affordable option for better connectivity for many rural customers.