High Speed Internet Availability Update

• Janet Johnson recently contacted Frontier for an update on the availability of high speed internet. General Manager Frank Maydak said the company had identified eight more areas for equipment replacement, and it was anticipated that by June over 90 percent of Liberty Grove would have service.

• The town has received word from the Door County Land Trust that the purchase of the Grand View site is proceeding. The Land Trust will turn the site over to the Town of Liberty Grove for use as a town park. With assistance from the Land Trust, the town has been working on finalizing plans for the park, which will include a scenic overlook, informational kiosk and hiking paths. The town and Liberty Grove Historical Society have been working on plans for a parking area to be located on the historical society site that would allow pedestrian access to the park. A small parking area will also be located at the base of the hill adjacent to Hillside Drive. Access to the Grandview Condominiums will be off Porcupine Bay Road and the current access at the top of the Ellison Bay Hill will be eliminated.

• The Board has approved an ordinance which amended the Building Code, Permit and Inspection Fees to allow for a temporary building permit lapse. Details may be obtained from contacting the town office.

• The board postponed approval of an ordinance changing the speed limit on Hill Road between Highway 42 and Old Stage Road. Residents along Hill Road had expressed concerns regarding the safety of children, pedestrians and cyclist if the current speed limits were increased. It was deemed necessary to gather additional information.

• The Parks Committee has recommended to the Town Board the possibility of acquiring property that would be utilized for parking at the Rowley’s Bay launch ramp and park. The DNR will be turning the waterfront area opposite the Rowleys Bay Resort over to the town.

• The Spring Election will be Tuesday, April 3. In person absentee voting will be available at the Town Office from March 19 – 29. New voting laws require people to present a photo ID to vote, announce their name and address and sign the poll book when receiving a ballot.

• The records of the June 25, 1906 Board of Review indicate these adjustments: Mrs. Sam Nelson – horses down $15; Frank Charney – horses up $10; Frank Lettie – horses up $20; Fred Ridings – buggies up $10; Nick Ostran – threshing machines down $75; Chas. Ruckert – merchandise up $300; Mrs. W. Bunda – merchandise up $300. Numerous property adjustments were also made.

To contact John Lowry regarding the Town of Liberty Grove or information found within this column, visit, email [email protected] or call the Town of Liberty Grove at 920.854.2934.