Highway Redevelopment Project Winding Down

Crews that are repaving state Highway 42 completed road-grinding work this week in the Village of Egg Harbor to prepare to put down the final layers of asphalt on Monday and Tuesday, June 10 and 11.

The detour will come down June 28, Village Administrator Megan Sawyer said on Wednesday, June 5.

“It’s so nice to see it coming toward the end,” said Karen Van Laanen, chair of the village parks and public works committee.

Sawyer on June 5 said gutter, sidewalks, utility burial and plantings (other than trees) in the terraces between the sidewalks and curb have been completed in the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) sections of the village’s multimillion-dollar infrastructure overhaul project. Additional planting in the terraces will be done in thin spots where grass or cover plants have not taken root.

Sawyer said all work to allow the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s contractor to complete repaving in the downtown core section also has been completed. Most sidewalks in the core section also have been poured or at least have forms in place, and most of the utility burial is complete there. 

The TAP sections are on either side of the core, downtown project area and extend north from County Road E to the Harbor Heights/Church Street intersection, and then south from Harbor School Road to South Trail/County T.

Van Laanen said she was pleased with the 5-foot width of the sidewalks as well as the terrace spaces and the selection of brick pavers installed in some locations between the roadway edge and sidewalk. Van Laanen said some residents have expressed displeasure about the size and appearance of blocks used as retaining walls along the sidewalks, but committee members said the blocks and walls will look better when soil is backfilled and yards and village right of way have been restored.

Sawyer said streetlight installation will continue throughout the month in both sections, and the electric contractor had to wait until later in June for some equipment before the streetlights will go online.

Sawyer said the core-section contractor, Vinton Construction, anticipates substantial completion of infrastructure work by June 24.

The public works committee on June 27 will receive a more detailed report on restoration work, utilities and the work that needs to be completed this fall and next spring. The village also will have a meeting in late June or early July regarding the redesign of Harbor View Park.

As for landscaping, retaining walls and restoration work along Hwy 42, Sawyer said, “It’s a work in progress and we’ll just keep the conversation open.”