Historic Garments & Oil Paintings Displayed at UU Gallery

The UU Gallery in Ephraim will continue to display Kنrin Kopischke’s “Garments of Our Foundation” exhibit through December, and then Fish Creek oil painter Don Fundingsland’s work will hang in January.

An award-winning theatrical and opera costume designer, Kopischke regularly designs costumes for theatres and operas around the country, including Peninsula Players. Her exhibit “Garments of Our Foundation” contains historic renderings of 10 women from Gibraltar’s history, spanning 1842 to 1918 and includes members of the Claflin, Thorp, Noble, and Duclon families.

Of the exhibit, she said, “I am taking theatrical costume rendering one step further – from a means to an end to a work of art in itself.”

Don Fundingsland’s interest in art emerged mid-life, with an initial focus on wood carving, later turning to canvas. His medium of choice is oil, being fond of the versatility, whether painting in the studio or plein air.

Fundingsland’s palette consists of a small number of colors, and he enjoys a wide variety of subject material, with particular interest in flowers and birds. For him, excitement comes if he is able to successfully transfer what he feels about the subject to the canvas, making this available to those who view the finished work.

Fundingsland grew up in northwestern Minnesota, receiving degrees from Concordia College and Washington University. Following military service and a career in healthcare management he retired to his Fish Creek home and now finds more time to devote to his interest in art.

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