Historic Gibraltar Beach Bathhouse Beyond Saving

A saddened Barb McKesson finally admitted what other Gibraltar town board members have thought for months: the historic Hotz cottage and beach bathhouse on the newly acquired portion of Fish Creek beach is beyond saving.

An inspection confirmed that the building would not be suitable for bathrooms, which the town board has pursued for years since being stuck with portable toilets at the beach.

“The use for the public toilet room, they’re not recommending that,” said Dick Skare, town board chair, reading from the nine-page report. “Their long-term solution would be to remove all existing structures off the current site and constructing facilities that can be specifically designed to meet your needs.”

McKesson, town board member and president of the Gibraltar Historical Association, sought to restore the building once owned by the family of Ferdinand Hotz.

“It was worth a run for me,” said McKesson. “It’s unreasonable to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on a building that will be, at best it sounds, like a patchwork job.”

The board will seek architectural renderings to rebuild modern bathrooms on the property with the same façade as the historic bathhouse.

“I’m very supportive of making it look like it fits in so we can recreate some of these things as well,” said Skare.

During past discussions of the building, Door County resident Christie Weber has offered to move the building off the property herself. The town board plans to contact Weber for the removal of the building.

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